Our Roots



Two Samuels was not always Two Samuels! In 2004, Owner and Partner Sammy Ridgeway, founded Ribault St. Eatery and Catering. At that time, the mission was different. We served Breakfast and Lunch to local patrons in our Eatery while catering to the business community corporate drop off breakfast and luncheons. After years of growth, the catering business & eatery expanded into new horizons. Sammy’s son, Carter Ridgeway, joined on in early 2008 after graduating from the George Dean Johnson School of Business.

It is our passion and mission to make every event special, fine tune the details, and go beyond the expectations of all clients and guests!

Carter Ridgeway




The venture was simple. At the time, we were catering some very creative and cutting edge meals for some of our events. Our staff was well cultivated and far too talented to continue making eggs and sandwiches. So we asked, what if our restaurant changed? What if our catering changed? In our market there was a need for a more upscale restaurant. There was also a need for a caterer to produce an “outside the box” approach to events. So we changed! A remodel and expansion and Two Samuels was born! A creative edge and ever changing approach to the Catering and Restaurant Business!

Who we are



Preston McCall

As a graduate of Spartanburg Community College, Preston has been with Two Samuels since 2010. His work ethic and culinary creativeness proved successful for many years while taking charge of Two Samuels Catering operation. As of 2016, Chef McCall extends his experience and expertise, bringing his culinary innovations to bring Two Samuels Dinner service to the next level. Chef McCall still oversees several aspects of our catering operation.

Shawn McGinnis

Chef McGinnis is a graduate of Spartanburg Community College and has been with Two Samuels since 2012. While spending a few years getting accustomed to all operations here at Two Samuels, Chef McGinnis now oversees our vast growing Lunch Service as well as our Day to Day Catering Operation. His efficiency, consistency and creativity have been a key asset in our success here at Two Samuels.

Luis Garcia

Luis has been with the Two Samuels Organization since 2008. While his expertise has grown over the years in the kitchen, his main key asset to Two Samuels lies in the logistics of our Catering Operation. Over the years, Luis has become our key component into organizing and coordinating off site catering functions. From the early stages of set up to implantation and production, no matter how small an event or large, his talent lies in making sure all the details are taken care of for a successful event.

Behind the Name


In case you are wondering where the Two Samuels comes from, well that is simple too, it’s in the name of the owners, Samuel Boman Ridgeway and Carter Samuel Ridgeway. Now our restaurant and catering business operate independently of themselves allowing for limitless possibilities for both but still associated together to brand the name.